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PMS is Sexy

property management done right

It’s sexy to solve hard problems.

Existing property management software is a bloated behemoth. A decrepit skyscraper with a different contractor who built and designed each floor. The elevator has been out of commission for years. The stairs are blocked. You need to climb up the elevator shaft to get between floors. The foundation is in need of repair. 

To translate– data consistency problems are rampant. Integrations are unreliable. Manual data entry is the norm. Filing cabinets are full of invoices, faxes, stamps, and wet signatures. When legacy software is functional, consultants are needed to utilize it. The codebase is a house of cards in need of repair, but it’s impossible given the number of products bolted on top. Legacy software is designed to generate pre-canned reports instead of increasing operational efficiency. New proptech companies create shiny nice to haves on top, while core workflow tools remain unchanged for decades.

Hundreds of real estate firms have noticed this chasm of technology and hired outsourced engineering teams to build makeshift solutions. They plug into PMS with unreliable APIs. 

Ender builds from first principles, re-imagining workflows with current technology. There are constraints and processes we augment and others we replace. We’re building software to create a step function of efficiency.

Nobel Prize winner William Nordhaus discovered that between 1948 and 2001, 98% of the value of new innovations went to consumers in the form of lower prices and better products. 2% went to the innovators themselves. When we succeed, we’ll capture a small amount of the enormous value we’ll create. 

The value Ender creates will go to real estate managers, owners, and tenants. Real estate will cost less to manage, which will in turn lower the effective cost of real estate.

Ender creates elegant solutions to complex problems. We’re pouring the foundation. Our leasing system ties to our task management system that is tied to our AR/AP system, which ties to budgeting, and it all ties into our accounting system. We’ve built a system that will scale and evolve to handle edge cases. Our MVP was an ERP.

If you’re going to do something, go all out. We’re building a company that will reshape the largest industry on the planet. This is phase one. It only gets sexier from here.